Sukha is a Sanskrit word that means happiness, pleasure, delight.  It is said that when  a Sanskrit word is spoken a vibration is created that corresponds with its meaning.  When you say Sukha you are actually creating waves of happiness and pleasure.  It is my hope that these products bring comfort and joy to all who use them.

Sita Flammer developed these oils over a period of many years while serving her clients in skin care. She crafts these products with a love for plant medicine and a passion for the art of perfumery.  As a yogi herself and health food enthusiast, Sita seeks out the purist ingredients possible to achieve the best nutrition for your skin.  She looks for oils that are cold pressed, organic and wild.  She has established relationships with suppliers who work directly with smaller stills to insure proper treatment and purity of the raw materials.  In addition she seeks out local supplies whenever possible.

Sita makes these oils in a calm and meditative environment and intends for the well being of all who come in contact with her creations.

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